Whats On? ...........things to See and to Do

As in most of Italy you can do just about anything you want and at any price.  Being close to so many towns of historic and artistic interest, there are places you should definately visit.  But then also there are sports opportunities and excellent restaurants and shops to enjoy,  The only thing that I think is lacking very close by is the disco type of nightlife, though this can be found in spades at Montecatini 30 minutes away.  Most people who stay with us tend to mix these with a great deal of relaxation by the pool; it is an ideal place to conduct a visit in the morning, lunch and spend the afternoon around the pool and occasionally go out to a good restaurant in the evening. Here are just a few ideas:



      Central Florence (one hour)    San Gimignano (11/2 hours)    Pisa (1 hour)           Pistoia (15 mins)                Lucca (40 mins)


   Vinci - of Leonardo (30 mins)      Casalguidi (5 mins)                 Montecatini (20 mins)                     Cutigliano (45 mins)



                                    Good Golf (20 mins)                    Tennis (10 mins)                    Skiing (Abetone - 1 hour)



Oilve Oil Mill (15 mins) Pistoia's Food Market (20 mins)    Winery (20 mins)         Many Restaurants      Slitti Chocolate (15 mins)



                   Gigli Mall, Prato     Exclusive Via Torbnabuoni, Florence   San Lorenzo Market, Florence      Italian designer Outlets



                             Opera at Torre del Lago (1 hour)  or Arena di Verona (3 hours).    Jazz in July with 'Pistoia Blues'.


Grotta Guisti Spa and Montecatini Spas


Painting, walking,  horse riding, going to the seaside,  marble mines